Sunday 01 Oct 2017Ibane U16F - County Final

Kilmichael, 15:00PM

Ibane Gaels 3-15 Macroom 0-06

First time P2A finalists, Ibane Gaels could do nothing wrong as they marched to a magnificent county football championship triumph at Kilmichael on Sunday afternoon. The foundation for Ibane's win was a marvellous start in which Cathal Sheehy scored the opening major on the 18th minute meant that the lead was 1-07 to nil, Macroom didn't know what hit them.

Ibane won this game because they were much better balanced all round than the opposition and had a lovely blend of big central men and speedy wingers. However, one player emerged as the key contributor all through, Ryan O'Donovan has promised, and delivered, much in his fledging career to date but this final had his class stamped all over it. Lining out with number 11 on his back, he spent most of the hour hovering in the middle third on a succession of opponents, scoring seven points from play and opening up the Macroom defence with great pace and skill. He was a class act and didn't want for help. The Ibane forwards were invariably first to the ball for much of the game with Chris Walton providing a great outlet on the edge of the square. The mercurial Lorcan O'Leary was the star performer before injury cut his final short and the lightning fast Adam McSweeney had a mighty battle with the tenacious Macroom cornerback, James Galvin, Adam still finished with 3 points from play. Wingers Cathal Sheehy and Conn Dineen were beavers for work, with the former finishing with a well taken 1-01. As expected, Ibane's two big men at midfield, Andrew Guinevan and the high fielding Matthew O'Donovan dominated for much of the game and their strength was crucial in the opening salvo of the second half when Macroom still had a glimmer of hope. For most of the game the Ibane half back line was like the Berlin wall as they repulsed all attacks. Darragh Holland was the proverbial rock in the centre, with captain fantastic James Moloney outstanding on the left and Shay Powell not far behind on the other side. When the pressure was at its height in the opening stages of the second half, the full back line came to the rescue. Jack Lawton was immense at full back with corner men Robert Murphy and Arun Ducat covering well. Behind them, first time goalie Michael Ryan never looked like conceding a goal and this was a day when every single player in a Ibane shirt contributed to a great victory. The Walsh twins, Sean and Fergal both made telling impacts, contributing two goals in quick succession to finally put this game to rest. Final score Ibane Gaels 3-15 Macroom 0-06.

Afterwards the victorious team stopped at Billies in Bandon for a well-deserved meal and refreshments all very kindly sponsored by EBS Clonakilty before they headed for the Barony of Ibane where the celebrations continued.

Ibane: Michael Ryan, Robert Murphy, Jack Lawton, Arun Ducat, James Moloney (Capt.), Darragh Holland, Cathal Sheehy 1-01, Andrew Guinevan, Matthew O'Donovan, Conn Dineen, Ryan O'Donovan 0-08 (1f), Christopher Walton, Lorcan O'Leary 0-03, Shay Powell, Adam McSweeney 0-03. Subs: John Allyn Byrnes, Rohan Ager, Sean Walsh 1-00, Fergal Walsh 1-00, Michael Wycherley, Florence Wycherley, Sean Henchion, Jack Moloney, PJ Moloney, Conor Flynn, John Sheehy, David Walsh (Susp.).

Macroom: R.Lee, J.Galvin, D.Quinn, J.Sexton, S.McSweeney, D.Hunt, S.Meaney, K.O'Donovan, K.Byrdaiziak, L.Linehan, J.O'Riordan, D.Faller, E.Cahill, D.Twomey, B.O'Shea. Subs: J.Relihan, R.O'Donovan, J.Cahill, J.Creedon, C.Buckley, M.Hunt.

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