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Underage AGM

19 January, 2021

The Underage Annual General Meeting for Barryroe GAA Club will take place Thursday 28 January 2020 at 8pm. Given the current COVID related restrictions surrounding indoor gatherings, this meeting will held online via Microsoft Teams. 

To ensure this goes off smoothly, we would ask all members who plan to attend to take note of the following : 

AGM Meeting Invites:

We ask that all members  who wish to attend the virtual AGM to send an email to [email protected] by Monday 25th of January. All of these applicants will receive a Microsoft Teams email invite in advance of the meeting

Election of officers at Underage AGM:

The officer positions decided at the Underage AGM are Underage Chairman, Underage Secretary and Coaching Officer

No nominations will be made on the night of the AGM. Please forward nominations to [email protected] by Monday the 25th January. We would ask you to ensure that anyone you have nominated is agreeable to their name being put forward for the position. 

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