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Coaching Resource Sharing Platform

13 April, 2018

A Chara,

Following on from suggestions at the Coaching officers workshops in January, I am setting up a Coaching Resource Sharing Platform for all coaches in the region.

If you have any coaches in your club who would be interested in being a part of the group, please share this message with them and ask them to complete the form.

More information can be found on the form: https://goo.gl/forms/tUfcqULfUhWRp1pI2

Another Suggestion from the workshops was to do additional workshops and invite all coaches from the area, so with this in mind, I am also looking for a meeting room type venue to host a workshop in next Wednesday night, if any club wants to offer up a room for this, please let me know asap and I will get info out to the masses to cover u12-u18. I Will forward details once I have it confirmed.


Colm Crowley GDA

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