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Club Development 2020

25 September, 2020

To: Members, supporters, former players, friends and the community of Barryroe and surrounding areas.

The year 2020 to date is not one we will forget for a long time. Barryroe GAA had just put in place a ten year strategy to cater for our youth and the not so young of our parish, for the decade ahead. Covid 19 has turned all plans and aspirations upside down and the Club will prudently only proceed with what is absolutely essential in these different times.

Our pitches and complex will be a much required outdoor facility for the future and we thank all our volunteers that have helped to maintain and decorate the facilities at no cost to the club this year.

As fundraising will be seriously curtailed for the next few years, we are now appealing to all our friends, far and near to contribute towards the completion of our essential Capital Projects. We hope that the essential projects on the pitches will be completed before the winter weather is upon us.

There are three different elements to these Capital Projects as follows.

  1. Our Main Floodlit Pitch No 1 has been unplayable from late September to Start of April for the past few years, due to being waterlogged. The essential drainage works on this pitch will commence this month, so that this pitch is playable for the years ahead. This is essential works and we must protect its future.
  2. We are so fortunate to have purchased Pitch No 2 in the past few years without any fundraising drive.  In order to be playable, essential works were carried out recently on the surface and Safety ball netting was erected behind the roadside goal.  This has become a much valued pitch in complying with Covid regulations.
  3. We have been fortunate to recently receive an amenity grant approval from Cork County Council towards the completion of a walkway around the complete complex of pitches, which will be of a total length of C.1Km including the existing loop around the top pitch. It is essential to avail of this grant which will provide everyone in the parish with a safe walking track for the future.

The completion of the above projects will mean that the Club must raise a total of €80,000. We aim to raise this by appealing to one off voluntary contributions from the public in units of €500. In return for each unit contributed, the Club will give the contributors a free Gaa lottery ticket for the next six years. This ticket is worth €540. Contributions to be received by 31st October and all lotto tickets will be entered into draws commencing on 2/11/20.

We appreciate that this is a lot of money to contribute in these difficult times but the facilities have never been more used and appreciated in the past months. We want to ensure that they will always be useable in the years ahead for the variety of participants in Hurling, Camogie, Ladies Football, Gaelic Football, underage development, playground activities, walkers/fitness and community events such as the Annual Show etc.

The names of the Club Executive and Development committees are noted hereunder and you may contact any of these if you feel that you are willing to contribute. We also attach brief document showing current Aerial photo of the complex and our overall project plans.

We thank you for all your support in the past and look to the future with a passionate vision of confidence. If you are not currently in a position to donate a unit of €500 but would like to make a voluntary contribution towards this project, please contact any one of our committee members.

Yours Sincerely,

Barryroe GAA Club Executive and Development Committees

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