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Barryroe GAA Player Injury Policy

It is essential that all Members, Players, Parents / Guardians, are made, and kept, fully aware of our Club Policy in respect of Injury Claims. 

Barryroe GAA Club, like other clubs, operates under the GAA Player Injury Scheme. The guidelines for making Claims under the GAA Scheme are strict and it should be noted that processing and finalising Claims can take considerable time. Barryroe GAA Club can only make payments to players on foot of Claims after the GAA Players Injury Scheme has reimbursed the Club in respect of those Medical Expenses.

Injuries requiring routine Physiotherapy (typically muscle strains)

Please note routine Physiotherapy is not covered through the GAA Player Injury Scheme. The club thus cannot claim any money back for physio and has to foot this bill. Due to this, the club has negotiated special rates with approved Physios. Any treatment will be billed to the club so no cash is to change hands. Please consult your respective team manager for details on approved physio if you need physio treatment. Bills from unauthorized physios will not be accepted and reimbursed without prior approval from relevant team mentors.

Serious Injuries requiring Operative Procedures \ Hospital care

First and foremost, only fully paid up members can avail of the Players Injury Scheme.

All serious injuries incurred during a match against an opposing team must be included in the referee’s reports. Unless included in the referee’s report, any claim will be rejected by the Players Injury Scheme. Notifying the referee is both the responsibility of the player and the mentor so please act on this.

Any injury claim needs to be logged within 60 days of the incident. Past that, we cannot forward any claim to the Players Injury Scheme. This includes injuries incurred in training.

Any player who wishes to make a Claim against the GAA Players Injury Scheme and who also has Private Health Insurance ( VHI, LAYA, Aviva, Garda Medical Aid, etc. ) may do so, but in all cases you must first Apply under your own Private Health Policy. If your Private Health Insurance Policy covers your Claim then there is no further action required. Should there be an Excess on the Private Policy which exceeds your Claim, then the GAA Injury Scheme will accept your Claim. A Statement of Account from your Private Health Insurers which sets out their position on the overall Claim will be required if you wish to further your Claim through the GAA Scheme. If you are claiming through your Private Health cover, the injury still needs to be logged with the Players Injury Scheme within 60 days (to ensure any uncovered costs can be subsequently claimed from the Player Injury Scheme). The initial logging of this does not need to include details on costs and can be updated afterwards. It is recommended here to log the injury immediately after occurrence.

The Excess on the Player Injury Scheme is currently set at €100. This Excess will be covered by the Club. The Player, Parent or Guardian will not be out of pocket but may need to wait until the claims process has completed for reimbursement.

Original Receipts only will be accepted when submitting claims.

Procedure for serious injuries (requiring more than routine physio):
  1. If the injury occurs in the game, the player \ mentors must notify the referee and ensure it in included in the match report. Also notify the Club secretary if not present. If the injury occurs in training, notify the club secretary of the incident
  2. Incident is logged by the club secretary with the Player Injury Scheme. A form needs to be filled in by the injured player and signed by the club secretary.
  3. If the player has private health insurance, the claim needs to be made through this Provider first. If the claim is fully covered, no more needs to be done. For any excess not covered, a Statement of Account from your Private Health Insurers which sets out their position on the overall Claim will be required if you wish to further your Claim through the GAA Scheme. Please provide this statement to the club secretary.
  4. All medical procedures should be paid upfront by the injured party. The club will reimburse 100 euro immediatley. Once a successful claim has been made through the GAA Player Injury schema, the club will provide the remainder of the funds to the injured party. 

For clarification on any of the above, please contact the secretary (email [email protected]).

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