COVID-19 - Safe Return to Play

Barryroe GAA and Camogie Club wants all our members to feel safe on the resumption of training and match activies from June 29th 2020. Based on the feedback we have received up to now, please find below find all the topical questions and answers at this time. This page will be updated regularly as new information and guidelines are received from the GAA HQ in Croke Park. 

Should there be any topic not answered below, please send an email to [email protected]

  1. Can you explain the role of the COVID Supervisor?
  2. When it comes to pitch booking, has anything changed?
  3. How do I complete the Health Questionnaire?
  4. Is there COVID-19 HSE signage in place in the Grounds?
  5. Is the playground re-opened?
  6. Who are the appointed Club's COVID Supervisors?
  7. What do I need to know as a parent before my child returns to play?
  8. Will the toilets be accessible?
  9. Does the club have a COVID Isolation Room?
  10. Is the walking track re-opened?
  11. When will the gym re-open?
  12. When will the dressing rooms re-open?

  1. Can you explain the role of the COVID Supervisor?

    Every Club should have a Covid Supervisor(s) at each age group and who have undertaken the Covid-19 Club Education Module.

    Barryroe GAA club are lucky to have volunteers at all age groups who have stepped to fulfill this role. The list of COVID Supervisors for the club can be found here

    The Covid Supervisors should not put themselves at risk while carrying out the role. The role includes:

    • Distributing and collating advice on the Return to Play health questionnaires to players and coaching personnel for the team they are involved with.
    • Communicating and distributing necessary safety information and protocols to all players, coaching personnel and parent/guardians prior to the reopening of Club grounds
    • Monitoring record of attendees at training within the Club
    • Ensuring the regular cleaning and sanitising of all relevant welfare facilities and equipment after each session involving your team (e.g. sanitising door handles, cleaning toilet)
    • Making necessary representations to Club Executive with regard to any Covid-19 concerns
    • Reporting any areas of non-compliance immediately to Club Executive and ensuring that these are addressed
    • Keeping up to date on all relevant guidelines from HSE, HSA and Croke Park.
    • In the case of a player or coaching personnel experiencing or displaying Covid-19 symptoms the Covid Supervisors should Inform the Club Executive if there is a confirmed case or if they have been made aware of an individual with Covid-19 symptoms.
  2. When it comes to pitch booking, has anything changed?

    Barryroe GAA Grounds has 3 Pitches. It is important that all coaches communicate the location of upcoming training sessions to the panel members or guardians in advance. In in the interest of safety, the pitches have been formally identified as follows : 

    • Pitch 1 - Main Pitch with Floodlights (full size)
    • Pitch 2 - New pitch on eastern side of main pitch (full size)
    • Pitch 3 - Upper Pitch with walking track (half size)

    We encourage all coaches when booking pitches to reference these Pitch numbers and ensure there is a 15 minute window between sessions to allow safe exit of finishing teams and entry of next teams.

    Signage has been erected to identify each pitch. In advance of training, please check the Pitch Timetable to find your location. 



  3. How do I complete the Health Questionnaire?

    By now, your team coach \ COVID supervisor will have made you aware of the Health Questionnaire that needs completing before you or your child's return to play. 

    Forms can be accessed by visiting the URL

    A video on how to complete the form can be seen below : 


    Or if you prefer the documentation, click here for the official guidelines from Croke Park. 

    Please note each person participating in Gaelic Games must also re-confirm that their Health Status hasn’t changed on each subsequent occasion that they participate. It is at the discretion of the teams COVID Supervisor as to whether your team uses the online option or a sign-in sheet to re-confirm the Health status. 

    Parents/Guardians can submit forms on behalf of their dependents and forms can also be submitted on behalf of persons who may struggle with completing the electronic form themselves.

    CoVID Supervisors in clubs can verify that individual members of their teams/panels have submitted forms and are permitted to participate. They do not have access to view the specific information provided via the Health Questionnaire, they will simply be able to see that the questionnaire has been submitted. Personal Information contained on the Health Questionnaires is stored for a maximum period of three weeks. This in line with GDPR privacy requirements. 



  4. Is there COVID-19 HSE signage in place in the Grounds?

    COVID-19 Signage meeting HSE requirements has been placed in the following locations : 

    • Entrance Pillars
    • Astro Turf Netting
    • Playground 
    • At entrance to all Pitches 1-3
    • COVID Isolation Room
    • Ladies and Mens Toilets on how to safely wash hands using the sanitization dispensers. 



  5. Is the playground re-opened?

    As of June 29th 2020, the playground officially re-opens to the public. An advisory sign has been erected at the entrance to the playground outlining the responsibilities for all parents\guardians. The Barryroe GAA Playground Guidelines are in line with the HSE recommendations and summarised as follows : 

    • Children must be supervised at all times by their parents \ guardians
    • Parents must bring their own sanitiser for the cleaning of their childrens's hands before, at regular intervals during and after the use of the playground equipment. In the absence of such sanitisation, parents or guardians are requested to refrain from allowing children use the equipment. 
    • Ensure the recommended physical distancing between children
    • Advise children to avoid touching their, face, eyes, nose and mouth,
    • Ensure children under care have regard to the safe use of playground equipment and to the safety of others at all times
    • Adhere to the most up to date health advice. 

  6. Who are the appointed Club's COVID Supervisors?


    GAA Male

    Age Group Appointed COVID Supervisor
    Under 6 Boys Conor Walshe (0863489285)
    Under 8 Boys David Fleming (0873590885)
    Under 10 Boys Arthur Tobin  (0872267002)
    Under 12 Boys Dermot Walsh (0868837334)
    Under 14 Boys (Ibane Gaels)  Norman Fleming (0863885748)
    Under 16 Boys (Ibane Gaels) Liam Murphy (0868891867)
    Minor Male (Ibane Gaels) John Mcsweeney (0863919128)
    U21 Male (Ibane Gaels) Vincent O'Donovan (0862530637)
    Adult Male Brendan Coleman (0860328023)

    Camogie Female

    Age Group Appoint COVID Supervisor
    Under 8 Girls Conor Walshe (0863489285)
    Under 10 Girls Eibhlis White (0877519358)
    Under 12 Girls Mike Coleman (0872223143)
    Under 14 Girls Eamon Mckeogh (0876588892)
    Under 16 Girls Mags O'Brien (0868436646)
    Minor Female Mary Harrington (0860819551)
    Junior Female

    Elaine Mccarthy (0872249108)

    Ibane Gaels Ladies Football

    Age Group Appointed COVID Supervisor
    Under 14  Eamcon Mckeogh (0876588892)
    Under 16 Elaine Mccarthy (0872249108)
    Under 18 Paul O'Callaghan (0879090661)



  7. What do I need to know as a parent before my child returns to play?

    By now, the underage coach or COVID Supervisor for your child's team should have already provided guidance on the E-Learning module and Health Questionnaire.

    E-Learning Module

    We advise all parents to complete the e-Learning module from Croke Park before re-entering Club facilities. The module takes 20 minutes to complete and can be taken at any time on any laptop or mobile device. On completion, participants will gain a certificate which they must present to the relevant Covid Supervisor in their Club or alternative email to the central club mail account [email protected]

    The e-Learning module can be access by clicking here

    Health Questionnaire

    Parents/Guardians can also submit Health Questionnaire forms and continuous declarations on behalf of their dependents. See question above re health questionnaire for more details on this topic. 

    The Official Guidline document for Parents and Guardians from Croke Park can be found here

  8. Will the toilets be accessible?

    Yes the Mens and Ladies toilets will be opened at all times and regularly cleaned. These toilets are now equipped with the necessary signage on safe washing of hands and also with sanitisation dispensers. 

  9. Does the club have a COVID Isolation Room?

    Yes. The club's main dressing room (typically used by the Home Team) has been appointed as the Isolation Room and is sigfned accordingly. 

    In the unlikely event that a player becomes unwell during a training session, this Isolation room contains the appropriate personal protective equipment. There will be a clearly defined protocol for linking up with the appropriate medical service - for example, local accident and emergency department (in the event of an injury), general practitioner or out of hours GP service. 

    Please note the Eircode for Barryroe GAA grounds is now visibile on the Eastern gable of dressing rooms. 


  10. Is the walking track re-opened?

    As of June 29th, the walking track is officially re-opened. All walkers are joggers are advised to read the signage on entering the area and ensuring social distancing is adhered to all times. 

  11. When will the gym re-open?

    As per the current guidelines from Croke Park, clubs gyms cannot re-open until 20th July. As these dates are changing regularly, we will monitor closely and make all members aware when we can safely re-open our gym. 

  12. When will the dressing rooms re-open?

    As per the current guidelines, the dressing rooms will not re-open for use until July 20th. Until that point, players are expected to arrive to the grounds togged out and ready for training \ matches. Also to shower at home following the training sessions. 

    Should there be any change to this schedule, we will update you all accordingly. 


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