Strength & Conditioning

Conditioning is a multi-faceted area in sport nowadays. There are many different areas that need to be trained, but bear in mind we still play with a sliotar or football, so what ever type of training we do should be game specific in as much as possible.

The fitness demands of Hurling and Football can be broken down as follows:
 - General Aerobic Capacity so that you can sustain movement for the period of game time. Remember in a 60 minute game, the ball is usually only in play for some 30-35 minutes on average. So a lot of the time the player is moving by walking, jogging, sprinting, going sideways, back-wards and forwards. So aerobic training should be more than jogging laps.
 - Anaerobic / Speed Endurance which is the ability to perform repeated sprint efforts and to be able to do so at the players maximum intensity.
 - Sprinting which is thew ability to be able to cover ground in the shortest possible time.
 - Agility which is th ability to negotiate obstacles at speed & with accuracy.
 - Power - the speed at which we can exert force - Explosive.
 - Reaction Time - The time elapsed between stimulation and the players reaction to it.
 - Strength & Strength Endurance is the maximal force that can exerted several times.
 - Flexibility - This is the Range of Motion (ROM) available at a joint or multiple joints.
 - Body Composition - No Cakes!!!

So fitness is many up of many different elements, no one element should dominate your preparation at the exclusion of the most important element i.e. Skill. But you should note that Speed is the most important after skill. Speed of movement, speed of skill, so the majority of your training should be done at top speed with recovery time in between. If there is no receovery time speed just becomes slow aerobic running.


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