Saturday 17 Jul 1993U12 Hurling - Final

Clonakilty, 19:00PM

Match Report 'West Cork Gael' Southern Star

Barryroe 1-01 Newcestown 1-03

Absorbing, amazing, enthralling, exciting, you name it, this marvellous under 12 'B' hurling final leaves one lost for words, and the huge spellbound attendance were left drained at Clonakilty on Saturday evening having soaked up the electric atmosphere that it created, and savoured the hurling delights served up by thirty hurling aristocrats.

Pity there had to be a loser, as on the balance of play the Barryroe boys were worth at least a draw, and at various times over the hour looked possible winners. What just have Barryroe to do to break this Newcestown hoodoo? It seems to be spreading into the under age ranks now as well. Perhaps the answer may lie in more direct hurling, the method employed by the St. John's brigade in this game. The scoring was always going to be low, given the man to man marking, and it was obvious that a few lucky breaks would decide the game.

Na Fianna got one in the tenth minute when a high delivery from Aidan O'Sullivan was grabbed by the inrushing Johnny O'Donovan who forced it past De Barra keeper Mick Keohane. Far from being dismayed the 'light blue' defended in style, goalie Mick Keohane alert to all dangers, and Brendan Coleman a solid full back, flanked by two lovely hurlers in Johnny O'Leary and Dave Fleming.

In the middle, there was one heck of a tussle between the hard-working Barryroe pairing of Dave Dineen and stylish partner Vin Cahalane and their Newcestown counterparts, flying Jason Crowley, a hurling artist and solid support from Dave Murphy. It was tit for tat now, great bursts of sustained hurling, De Barra's back in the frame when Cahalane smashed a bullet past the packed Fianna defensive wall in the 23rd. Despite play swinging from end to end the scoreboard operator was redundant until the break.

The emergence of team captain Eoin Twomey's strong second play was a vital link in the winners chain because with Jason Crowley he set up the chances for his forwards in particular Aidan O'Sullivan and strong running Johnny O'Donovan and energetic Gearoid O'Rourke.

We lost count of the number of brillant saves by Darren Heffernan and Barryroe's Mick Keohane as the game stood poised on a sixpence. Barryroe shifted their best forward outfield, young Gearoid Whelton, a budding Jimmy Barry-Murphy in a last despairing effort to swing the tide, but the two vital scoring chances that proved match winners fell to Newcestown, courtesy of Killian O'Sullivan, and a smashing Aidan O'Sullivan minor in the 45th.

Earlier, in a purple Barryroe patch, Vin Cahalane had scored a marvellous soaring point to give them a brief lead. It was to no avail, however, as despite the fact their goal bore a charmed life in the dying seconds, the Newcestown lads held on for a narrow victory.

We have no intention of drawing the wrath of parents and followers of both teams on our ears by dwelling on the merits of individuals because in the parents' eyes, every child is a hero, and just in passing, a word on the sensible refereeing of Mick Collins, Clonakilty, who added to the enjoyment of a splendid game of hurling. Well done lads, you are an example to your adult brethern.


Na Fianna: Johnny O'Donovan 1-00, Killian O'Sullivan 0-01, Aidan O'Sullivan 0-01, Alan O'Neill 0-01.

Barryoe: Vincent Cahalane 1-01

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