Monday 07 Jul 2014Snr Camogie - Summer League

Away Note Change, 19:15PM

Barryroe fight back to gain valuable draw.

I suppose a draw was a fair result in this game. Éire Óg were the best team we played in this competition, and at times we struggled to stay with them.  Clair Sexton had a Barryroe goal after five minutes, but the home side went down the pitch straight away, and it took a fine save from Maebhdh Sexton to keep them out.

Éire Óg had the next two points, before Clair Sexton and Síle Burns pointed to leave us 1-02 to 0-02 ahead, with 20 minutes gone. Two minutes later however, the teams were level as the home side struck for a goal. A brace of points for Éire Óg were sandwiched by two Síle Burns scores, but just on the half time whistle, the home team pointed to lead 1-05 to 1-04 at the break.

The home team were on top for the first  10/15 minutes of the second half, adding five points to a Barryroe pair from Síle and Geraldine Collins. The home side now led by 1-10 to 1-06 and it seemed the game might slip away from us. Points from Geraldine Collins and Síle Burns, cut the gap to two, but Éire Óg again increased the gap to four, as Barryroe failed to convert a one on one with the home keeper,  striking too early, instead of running in and kicking or handpassing to the net. (The same fault is costing our hurlers dearly).

It looked a lost cause now, with some 3/4 minutes on the clock and the home side leading by 1-12 to 1-08, more so when it seemed we must goal in a scramble on the Éire Óg goal line. I'm not sure how that effort did not go in, but it looked all over at this stage.

 This team, however, is made of stern stuff. Another attack, a long ball into the Éire Óg square and Clair Sexton, reacted the fastest, to flick the ball past the keeper for a fine goal.

From the puck out, we again won possession and Clair Sexton struck the levelling point. The puck out brought the final whistle.

A gutsy display, with three minutes to go, we would have taken the draw and in the end we could have won it.

Our defence does not give too much away, Geraldine Collins and the fast improving Carmel Griffin did well around the middle and Síle Burns and Claire Sexton kept the score board ticking. The rest of the forwards are very young, but they also are improving.

Maybe things are not as bleak as they looked earlier in the season.

Some pictures from the game.

The ball goes over the bar, as the forwards watch for any slip up.

"Foul Ref" as Hannah is held back.

Denise putting the pressure on.

Síle knocks over a free.

Again good pressure as the entire full forward line press the oposition.

A faint rainbow in the sky as Clair take a side line cut.

Team. Maebhdh Sexton, Lisa Dullea, Kate Dullea and Rebecca McCarthy.

Karen McCarthy, Eimear White and Eileen Carroll.

Carmel Griffin and Geraldine Collins.

Rachel Sheehy,, Síle Burns and Claire Sexton.

Denise O'Sullivan, Hannah Whelton and Rachel McCarthy.

Sub Claire Tyndal.


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